Baikal Cosmetic Lab. VDOHNOVENIJE
(eng. Inspiration)

Lake Baikal is a real treasure of our planet. Unique environment of that
reserved area attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Everyone
who have visited here takes out crystal pure energy of the Lake, its calmness
and wisdom. Majesty of Lake Baikal can't be understood by mind, but nobody
denies its force.
Exactly here, in this mystic place, cosmetics Vdohnovenije was born. It
incorporates not only Baikal and Siberian gifts, but also core and spirit of this
area. Our cosmetics is free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals.
Instead, we use oils, plant extracts, beekeeping products, essential oils, minerals.
Our products are harmonic and fit together. We can say using the cosmetics
Vdohnovenije is a creature action, meditation. Everyeone finds unrepeatable
and the most effective manner for personal care. We only guide and help to
find an optimal way.
A way to collaborate with wildlife
In our brand philosophy we combine some doctrines of creating natural
product. We use locals' ancient knowledge of Baikal region flora, ayurvedic and
holistic approach, biodynamic principles. Also the basement rule of our
cosmetics is respect for nature. We are taking care of the environment, so we
create cosmetics by hand, by small sets, that avoids overconsumption of Baikal
region resources. We don't use animal testing, we test cosmetics by ourselves.
Our products are paraben-free, mineral oils-free, synthetic fragrances-free,
silicones-free and other combains-free, that destroy our environment.
The brand Vdohnovenije has grown from family knowledge and traditions.
The author of this cosmetics is Serafima Tuzhilina. Her parents has their own
biodynamic farm, where they grow flowers and seeds and keep bees using
knowledge of plants, laws of nature and cosmos. Exactly family farm inspires
Serafima to create receipes of beauty. Skin care principles and recipes were
being created for 11 years.
"To save our beauty for a long time we should learn to feel our body and our
skin, to understand their needs. We should give that care to our skin that it
need at this time and leave it when it asks."
Production principles
Relying on the laws of nature you can achieve more results

• We use natural, organic, biodynamic and wild-crafted (from wild plants)
• We use only crude cold pressed oils;
• We product main extracts according to nature rhythms;
• We take wax, honey and propolis from our own biodynamic apiary;
• A composition of our cosmetics is minimalistic to avoid active components
destroying each other;
• We use holistic doctrine in making our cosmetics;
• We refuse synthetic components, doubtful preservatives, dyes, perfumes,
• Our plants are being tested in radiological, toxicological and microbiological
We test the cosmetics on volunteers and on ourselves. Only that really
helps and that we like we market.

n order to preserve the beauty for many years, we need to learn to feel your body and your skin. Feel her needs and give her the care that is needed at this time. And leave the skin alone when it asks for it»
Seraphim Tuzhilina, the Creator of cosmetics
Brand "Inspiration ""grew" from family knowledge and traditions. The author's parents cosmetics, the Seraphim Toiling, own biodynamic farm, working on it. With the help of knowledge about plants, the laws of nature and space, plants are grown there and bee products are collected. It was the family farm that inspired Seraphim to create a line of beauty products. Cosmetics recipes and natural skin care system were developed by Seraphim for 11 years.
With natural cosmetics Inspiration I met this summer. I bought a nourishing cream, tonic and cedar mask, and later-balm 'Blue cedar' and mask 'Pink honey'. I do not cease to enjoy the texture, the smell of cosmetics and the sensations when it is applied to the face. I am a kinesthetic and it is very important for me to feel!"
- Olga Ivanova, psychologist
Cosmetics Inspiration is a living aesthetics and nature, clothed in glass, which reveals the aroma of honey uncorked jars and waxy texture. Spray 'Sagan-dayli' is how to wash your face in a mountain river, after which there is an incredible tone."
- Natalia Mikhaleva, yoga coach
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